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8 thoughts on “Mission of TheRetailTherapist’s Weblog

  1. Just found the blog- share some views- Costco, Canadian Retail, Apple-looking forward to reading more-I’m new but there doesn’t seem to be much dialogue-

  2. Looking for a site/blog were I can feel comfortable about my retail situation.
    I feel our store is getting ready to go public. In prep for this, I feel that they are cutting and reducing anything and everything they can to have impressive numbers.

    However, our store is open on average 72hours a week. Add an additional 7 hours for 1/2 hour to open and close the store. this is a total of apx. 80 hrs needed. Our store has been given 92 hours to use for employee hours. Take the 7 “prep” hours away, and that leaves us with 85 “store” hours. Basically, the store is run with one person with an exception of 2-3 hours a day. Before the hours were cut, we were “written up” if the required 10min and 30 min lunch breaks were not taken. Now, the only way we could take a break is to close the store…which is not permitted. We have called HR…. but no help. Is this common in the retail industry? tired and overworked.

  3. There is no way that retail works at its optimum with that kind of attitude regarding staffing levels and a lack of respect for staff not to mention a lack of respect for the store, the brand and most importantly the customer. This is too often the situation in a number of retail chains I have witnessed. This is a distinctly myopic view of what the business of retail is – it is intended to inspire customers enough to want to purchase merchandise. I will be writing in this space about this all too common occurrence of customer abuse and appealing to the lowest common denominator in the coming weeks. Stay tuned. I hope your leadership team takes a longer term and healthier view of their business, their staff (you included) and their customers very soon or else they will find themselves in bigger trouble.

    TheRetailTherapist 🙂

  4. omg….had a conference call…andfound out our store was getting less payroll than “d” stores in our region…..we are in the top 5%. (out of over 200)…starting to think “we are running at top speed with what we have….” and the success is from our willing and overworked staff….im ready to send a personal letter to ceo….with a chance i may be fired….but do they know what it really going on?

  5. I guess it depends on whether you are getting less hours or your percentage is lower than ‘D’ stores, which it should be as your volume will leverage the dollars spent. I am not sure you will be fired by sending a letter to the CEO. If this is an enlightened company and a mature CEO , he/she will take it seriously and listen to all concerns. At least that is what should happen. Let us know how it goes! Good luck!

    TheRetailTherapist 🙂

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